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 *1 bottle & above (West M'sia), 2 bottles & above (East M'sia)


Recommended Usage Guide

  • Sprinkle recommended dosage once a month and water it down immediately.
  • Plants must always receive adequate water and sunlight.
  • After use, keep dry by locking the cap securely during storage, put at dry shade area.
  • Wash hands after use.
  • 1 puff or 1 dash = about the size of 10 cent coin
Plants in pots1 puff for every cubic feet of soil
(Begining time: Apply once every 2 weeks.)
(Once the soil stabilize / new leaf appear, then use it only Once a month.)
  • Other fertilizers NOT required, but optional to put.

For Seedlings:
Let it grow a few inches first.
then, just put in a pinch of the Green Whizzard will do.

Plants on land1 puff for every foot of height
(Apply only once a month)
  • If the trunk is as thin as bambo, then 4 puff is the maximum.
  • Other fertilizers can be address for the extra nutrients
Plants in water1 puff for every 5 liters of water 
(Apply only once a month)
  • AB nutrients is optional to put

Please do share us some photos of your plants after seeing results, we are ready for your excitement in using it.
Enjoy your gardening & stay safe. 😘

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