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I heard from my friend saying that this GW has existed long ago, is that true?

Yes. The Green Whizzard is an award winning innovation and been in the market since 2005. It was created in collaboration with a local university in 2005.

Although they had not been so much promoted locally, they had been marketed worldwide to countries where home gardening is a big industry. 

There were mostly OEM for international MLM companies under their own brands and packaging where the buyers paid premium prices for them

In Malaysia, they were retailed at selected garden nurseries. Because of the limited movement during this Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to make them available online for the convenient of our avid gardeners.

Is GW Natural?

Yes. Green Whizzard is formulated with natural minerals. 

Can work on any houseplants?

Yes. Green Whizzard is formulated for home gardenings.

I am using Drip Irrigation system, is GW suitable to apply?

Yes. It also depends on the nozzle size.

After have applied GW on my plants , can i spray any chemicals pesticide?

No problem.

Can I apply Green Whizzard on my durian tree?

Yes. It is also applicable to ALL types of vegetables, and flowers, fruits, hedges, creepers, Bonsai, ferns, lawn grass, aquatic & ornamental plants.

After placing the Green Whizzard, do I need to water the plant?

Yes, as usual, water them.

Is it suitable to use on seedlings?

Let it grow a few inches first. Just put in a pinch of the Green Whizzard will do.

Does it work for hydroponic systems?

Apply Green Whizzard directly into water will do.

Rule of thumb:
1 dash to every 5 liters of water once a month and then to adjust the dosage accordingly to the results. (AB nutrients is optional to put)
*subject to no. of plants, fishes, type of plant

Any harmful contents in GW?

No. It was designed for and meant for the plants.

Any expiry for GW?

No expiry date.

My friends told me that MSG is good for plants. Is it true?

Using MSG as ferlizers is a common folklore among our local gerdeners recently.

Although there may be some effect on the plants, it may not be the complete diet that the plants need.

Green Whizzard is a product thru scientific research in collaboration with a university and currently being marketed to many countries.

One plant pot uses the same amount of Green Whizzard as the large plant on the field, too?

If on the field or ground, you need to apply one dash for every 6 inches of trunk circumference.

e.g: use a tape measure the circumference of the trunk (inch), divided the figure by 6, that would be the number of dash to apply. (12 inch / 6 = 2 dashes)

For Big Trees, other fertilizers can be address for the extra nutrients. GW is a catalyst to promote the growth of the microbes in the soil which is essential for breaking up the nutrients for the plants to consume.

Will this GW burn the plant leaves like most other fertilizer do?

Problems usually with petroleum based fertilizer, they can 'burn' the roots and kill the plants, and kill all the microorganism in the soil.

For that, some gardeners had to frequently change the soil because the plants will be stunned and not growing anymore.

Like everything else, overdose might be harmful. At first, apply GW 2 times a month, when you see new leaves coming out, you only need to apply it once a month.

You just need to ensure each dash basically enough to cover the surface area of a 10 cent coin, and then water it down.

The first thing to grow are the leaves, this is where they make food for the plants. If the leaves are healthy, the plants are healthy.

After applying this GW once a month, can I still use other NPK fertilizer and Foliar for my Durian Tree? How about pesticide and fungicide, can continue to use?

You may continue apply them, as long as can keep track the duration of time to apply GW.

For Big Trees, other fertilizers can be address for the extra nutrients.

GW will act as a catalyst to promote the growth of the microbes which is essential for the breaking up of the nutrients in the soil.

Can it be applied on plant (not planted in soil but grown on Charcoal or wood or surface on air)?

First wet the wood or the charcoal and then sprinkle the Green Whizzard powder on them.

OR  add 1-2 dash of the GW to 10ml of water and pour it on the roots.

Can I use Green Whizzard on airplants?

You can dilute it with water and splash it over the plants. 1 dash of the GW powder into 1 liter of water, once a month.

Is GW 100% organic? I saw others are selling 100% organic fertilizer, isn't that better for the plants?

The true nature on earth contents comprise the combination of both organic matter and non-organic matter. 100% organic matter have very low nutrients contents.

GW has the combination of both organic & non-organic.

Wondering whether it is good for adenium and how long to apply once?

Same as other plant, apply onto the soil one / two dash per month but make sure the pot have good drainage for this type of plant.

Is GW a food for Microbes?

Apart from the basic nutrients required by the plants, GW also contain the probiotic enzyme which promote the growth of the microorganism in the soil which is essential for breaking up the nutrients for the plants.

Saw you state the word microbe, can we grow the microbe in GW like fermentation process?

GW do not contain any live microbe but the probiotic enzyme which help to promote the growth of the microbe already in the soil. Our main market are mostly for export and it is prohibited to ship any live microorganisim to a foreign country without valid permits.

Does GW help fruit tree bear fruits?

As a rule of thumb, for trees to bear fruits, it must be healthy and having adequate sunlight, water and nutrients.

Do you sell in Lazada or Shopee marketplace?

This is our Only Official Site, but our agents might have a store in other online marketplace like Lazada/ Shopee.

Do you have the recommended usage guide?

Every bottle comes with the usage guide, and you may refer to the product page for the guide as well.

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