How It Works

It has a special formula that contain probiotic enzymes that help to enhance the micro organism of bacterial to breakdown the nutrients, and there is a chelatin agent that make the water thicker to enhance the absorption of nutrients by the plant.

It can easily be carry anywhere, easy handling and easy storage. It works very well as it is very concentrated and without dirty your hands!

It also puts an end to conventional bulky bags of useless filler compounds, and unpleasant odor of animal manure fertilizers.

Making gardening, pleasant, hygienic, environmentally friendly and upmost convenient.

Uniquely packed in a new and innovative dispensing container.

You simply carry the Green Whizzard at about the size of your handset and apply a dash or two (about the size of 10 cent coin) onto your soil. It just takes seconds to use the Green Whizzard and it’s done the job of fertilizing. It’s completely light and easy. 

With Green Whizzard, Fertilizing is required only once a month, and is enough to bring out the maximum potential growth of the plant. Results can be notice within 2 to 4 weeks.

Amazingly, it takes 15 YEARS to fully use up 1 bottle of 100grams on a pot of plant!

Lets witness the growth of Greener, Larger and Healthier leaves and shoots, more Vibrant Colorful flowers and delayed dropping of the petals today!


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